Welcome to PointWRT

PointWRT is an OpenWrt-based Linux distribution for Linksys WRT-54G* routers. It's designed for layer-2 network infrastructures for fixed wireless broadband access to Internet.


This software is in beta stage, currently the only support for it is it's source code. You've been warned.



Released 0.14. Among minor improvements:

  • fixed WPA (actually, implemented a work-around),
  • upgraded flatconf.


Released 0.13. A bug-fix release of 0.12, with minor improvements. Flatconf structure has slightly changed, so don't try to restore config backups made on previous versions.

  • new port type: client-ap - for external access points for clients
    • access points with given mac addresses will be always accessible behind such ports
  • improved link-layer firewall
    • new option: allow only PPPoE traffic on client ports (switch, ap, or both)
  • autochan:
    • improved reliability (multiple scans)
    • fixed situation when essids with space characters were found
  • fixed static routing configuration
  • fixed wdsdiscd

Update (17.06.2006): re-released 0.13 fixing annoying minor bugs.


Released 0.12. Among new features:

  • support for broader range of hardware, eg. WRT-54GL,
  • reliable automatic channel selection,
  • better web interface, eg. backup of whole flash,
  • included interactive console interface for Flatconf,
  • fixed setup with more than one WDS peer.


Due to many ongoing changes to OpenWrt?'s Kamikaze branch, the current development of PointWRT will focus on Nutrius branch, what will hopefully lead to future releases from 0.1 series.


Released 0.11 version, replacing the 0.1 one. WDS links finally work reliably.


Version 0.1, codename Nutrius, released. Full of hacks, sometimes unreliable, don't use it ;-).

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