RADIUS Callback


RADIUS Callback is under development and may be changed heavily in the future. This description is only idea brief.


RADIUS Callback (radcallback) is a simple infrastructure to let RADIUS server trigger actions on its NASes. The part of this infrastructure is libradius-asn library with radqueue mechanisms.


Each NAS has radcallback user account that can be connected to using ssh and public RSA key authentication. Flatconf configuration allows editing list of authorized keys that can log in and run prepared scripts. If additional privileges are needed to finish script functionality sudo command will be used.

Already prepared scripts

Closes opened radius session.


  1. session-id
  2. (optional) radius spool directory


  • 0 on success
  • 1 on failure

Prints (on first line of stdout):

  • "OK" on success
  • "ERR - msg" on failure
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