1. Not treating Lintrack as a GNU/Linux distribution

Lintrack can be completely administered as a typical Linux distribution like Debian, Slackware, etc. It has a package manager, full GNU utilities, access to iptables, tc, and so on. You can compile whatever code for it you want.

2. Not upgrading your system

pkg update
pkg upgrade

These two commands can save you hours of trying to figure out why something doesn't work (and you get your new release of Lintrack sooner if you don't ask us silly questions :-)).

3. Confusing "fcc" with "Flatconf"

Flatconf is a standard for describing configuration. fcc is a command-line interface to edit Flatconf configurations (it stands for FlatConfCommandline).

In other words, Flatconf is like HTML and fcc is like Firefox - you use the latter to browse the former.

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