What is Lintrack

Lintrack is an integrated GNU/Linux distribution for routers. Our aim is to build a system which can be both used as a solution and as a generic Linux box.

Making Lintrack a solution means that instead of just packaging open source software we also:

  • provide a common, system-wide configuration system,
  • create networking concepts by integrating more than one package and defining the way they interact with each other,
  • provide the community with best networking practices,
  • make unique Linux features more popular.

To make Lintrack a generic GNU/Linux distribution, we:

  • make the integrating parts and system packages easy to modify, enhance or disable completely,
  • build on top of the most popular Linux administration practices instead of replacing them,
  • make our users aware of the underlying open source software,
  • create our subprojects in such a way that they can be easily integrated in other Linux distributions.


  • robustness,
  • flexibility,
  • extensibility.


  • prefer robustness and creativity to making use of existing standards,
  • reliability is a process, not a product,
  • we're not about creating packages, we're to create networks.

Lintrack developer

The role of a Lintrack developer is a bit different and more demanding than of a typical Linux distribution. Apart of packaging open source software, ensuring its stability and providing patches, he (or she) has to:

  • identify problems and demands of modern access and backbone networks,
  • provide and document concepts for creating various network services (in a broad sense),
  • implement, integrate and document the solution using Flatconf, making it simple to reuse, modify and enhance.

Lintrack developer should be interested in general computer networking and, preferably, in some specific domain. We're very open to people wanting to integrate their own projects and ideas into Lintrack, bringing their own views on how different networking problems should be solved.

Graphically, it looks like the following: developer interests -> software + concept -> Flatconf + documentation.

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