A parser is (usually) a bash script reading configuration stored somewhere in /etc/fc and rewriting it to the format understood by software package being configured - eg. /etc/vsftpd.conf.

Because while being a highly integrated Linux distribution we're trying to leave possibility to configure everything also in traditional way, we should let the system administrator to modify the automatically generated configuration in simple and "invisible" (for him) manner. Please see summary of our efforts in making custom configuration modifications easy for more details.

Generally, you should remember about two things:

  • use [ -k "$file" ] to test whether file hasn't got sticky bit set (and is not locked for automatic modifications),
  • use function 'fcdsave "$file" [mode]' to automatically handle extensions via $file.d/ directory.
    • source /etc/fc.d/include/
    • pass configuration on stdin
    • see packages/rp-pppoe/files/etc/fc.d/fc.pppoe-server for example
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