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Ticket Summary Component Priority Severity Owner Status Created
#71 Repair broken features during 2.6.24 kernel transition Kernel highest blocker sil2100 new 07/14/06
#171 Basic Flatconf 2.0 integration Flatconf highest blocker sil2100 new 03/15/08
#178 Finish cleanup and updates General highest blocker pjf assigned 03/16/08
#155 System init: replace uevents coldplugging with static /dev and lshwd Boot procedure highest major pjf new 02/09/07
#176 Consider removing kernelheaders Kernel high major pjf new 03/16/08
#131 replace syslog-ng with original syslogd General networking high minor pjf new 12/13/06
#174 Consider moving db and gdbm to extras General high minor pjf new 03/16/08
#166 Web environment Happy admin high normal pjf new 06/21/07
#173 Better support for third-party system elements General high normal pjf new 03/15/08
#175 Replace exim with simpler MTA Flatconf high normal pjf new 03/16/08
#182 Version control in FC datatree Flatconf normal blocker pjf new 03/22/08
#167 BGP support Quagga normal critical new 06/21/07
#158 [pkg] upgradepkg overwrites settings in /etc/* Happy admin normal major pjf assigned 02/25/07
#164 Support for configuring /proc/sys/net/ipv4/route Flatconf normal major new 03/17/07
#181 Improve ppp firewall/queues performance and scalability Traffic control normal major pjf new 03/18/08
#12 Flatconf for ebtables Traffic control normal minor new 07/03/06
#33 B.A.T.M.A.N. mesh routing protocol Quagga normal minor pjf new 07/03/06
#117 More work on radqueue and libradius-asn RADIUS normal minor new 10/13/06
#121 [quagga] support for "passive-interface default" Quagga normal minor pjf new 10/18/06
#92 Test multi-gateway routing Testing normal normal new 08/18/06
#116 vlan 11 problem - needs investigation Build system normal normal new 10/13/06
#122 [quagga] better equal-cost multipath in ospf Quagga normal normal new 10/26/06
#130 [ipsec] better support for static key ipsec Network encryption normal normal pjf new 12/13/06
#135 Integrate lm-sensors Hardware support normal normal sil2100 new 12/27/06
#152 IMQ support Traffic control normal normal new 02/06/07
#153 More flexible DiffServ support Traffic control normal normal pjf new 02/06/07
#165 Support for selecting driver for Atheros devices Madwifi normal normal maw new 06/17/07
#168 Support for ucarp and conntrackd General networking normal normal new 06/21/07
#169 Clean /etc/htb.init when disabling HTB on an interface Traffic control normal normal new 07/17/07
#170 Allow tables other than "mangle" in fc:/net/fw/+zone/actions/+custom Traffic control normal normal new 10/24/07
#179 Leave RTC management to kernel General normal normal new 03/17/08
#185 macvlan for bridges General networking normal normal pjf new 10/20/08
#151 Enforcement of maximal number of pppoe sessions for single login PPPoE normal trivial pjf assigned 01/20/07
#157 User guide Happy admin low blocker pjf assigned 02/09/07
#126 Take care of H.323 kernel bug. Kernel low major sil2100 new 11/11/06
#39 Bash completion support for our tools Happy admin low minor new 07/03/06
#118 Test Lintrack on VMware General low minor new 10/17/06
#137 [dnsmasq] Spurious NACKs (MSG:"address reserved") General networking low minor new 12/28/06
#184 Extend iproute2 General networking low minor pjf new 04/18/08
#65 Test ebtables vlan_t. Testing low normal sil2100 new 07/10/06
#149 Consider including HFSC Traffic control low normal new 01/15/07
#141 Update lspci database Hardware support low trivial new 01/01/07
#147 pppX description in client mode Build system low trivial pjf new 01/08/07
#49 Test basic monit support Testing lowest minor pjf reopened 07/03/06
#180 Consider removing ifenslave General networking lowest minor new 03/18/08
#51 Preliminary ideas for 3.0 General lowest normal pjf new 07/03/06
#64 Support for local RADIUS server in hostapd RADIUS lowest normal pjf new 07/10/06
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