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(edit) @e9865a1   10 years maw new gitpaths approach
(edit) @a636db9   10 years maw much simpler gitpaths
(edit) @4d266f0   10 years maw f-up: fix spurious dirty versions
(edit) @9677cc4   10 years maw fix spurious dirty versions
(edit) @e243475   10 years pjf simpler patches()
(edit) @3baa071   10 years pjf install package-big after build
(edit) @aa9e3a2   10 years pjf wip
(edit) @b25fc75   10 years pjf various minor improvements
(edit) @d5c6c36   10 years pjf fixes, improvements, etc
(edit) @becab57   10 years pjf new env var names
(edit) @c4b9f67   11 years maw even better gitpaths handling
(edit) @7d90a84   11 years maw less buggy symlink-gitpaths handling
(edit) @44a5c5e   11 years maw more thorough/kludgy symlink-gitpaths handling
(edit) @b9c3e32   11 years maw handle symlink-gitpaths inside makepkg
(edit) @cc90ba5   11 years maw Merge commit 'origin/HEAD'
(edit) @8b64fcc   11 years pjf proper error message when makepkg is run in a fresh (ie. just created …
(edit) @bf24f25   11 years maw git-commands seem to be deprecated
(edit) @6d258c0   11 years pjf minor $PATH bugfix, support ~/local/bin; better syntax
(edit) @773ab00   11 years maw git-based package versioning dirty tag calculation fix fixed
(edit) @cf096e0   11 years maw git-based package versioning dirty tag calculation fixed
(edit) @7e3018a   11 years pjf Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
(edit) @b459f21   11 years pjf fixed indents
(edit) @e9a3a35   11 years maw Use the real ownership of files previously unknown to fakeroot instead …
(edit) @a5096ad   11 years maw added PKGBUILD option root_required If root_required = yes, id -u is …
(edit) @b83df91   11 years maw added support for git-based package versioning
(edit) @07fc7f8   11 years xmxwx added a callback for customization of small packages
(edit) @769aa9b   11 years maw don't include .gitignore files (placeholders for empty directories) in …
(edit) @f047164   12 years maw a new, quite useful option makepkg -i (--install)
(edit) @f5fb2a1   12 years pjf makepkg/patches(): let optional patch opts in $2
(edit) @f2457e1   12 years pjf important change to makepkgs patch()
(edit) @d58f0dd   12 years pjf who needs i18n in development tools, anyway
(edit) @1f42575   13 years maw pkg_done() added (a ./PKGBUILD event launched after successful makepkg …
(edit) @710a4e5   13 years maw makepkg now searches for PKGBUILD in parent directories
(edit) @c49902f   13 years pjf support for patches different than *.bz2, plus some minor changes
(edit) @3acf742   13 years pjf dont gzip package.* files; fixes; #160 almost done
(add) @053772b   13 years pjf moved from
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