ASN RADIUS Admin Installation Guide


  • PHP >= 5.x.x
  • HTTP server with PHP support enabled
  • MySQL 4+ server with FreeRADIUS database


Although, I (the author) am not aware of any incident of ARA destroying any precious RADIUS information *ever*, I strongly advice to make a backup of your RADIUS database. You've been warned.

Get Sigma

Ara uses Sigma template engine. You must have it to use ARA. You can install it easily using well known and popular PHP Pear installator.

# pear channel-update
# pear install HTML_Template_Sigma

Download ARA

Use git. ARA git repository should be stable most of the time, and having ARA as a git repository copy will make updates easier.

# cd /var/
# git clone git:// ara-git
# cd /var/ara-git/src
# ls
config  htdocs  lang  lib  modules  template.html

Note that /var/ dir may be any dir that your http server will have access to. Now, check the ownership of files. Your http server will need to have read access to them.

Make link in htdocs

You probably want ARA to be a part of your administrative site, like http://mysite.lan/ara/. To do that you need to link it in htdocs (the document root of your http server).

# cd /var/www/htdocs
# ln -s /var/ara-git/src/htdocs ara
# cd ara
# ls
img  index.php  style.css

Edit index.php and search for this line:

define("ARA_PATH", "../");

If you did everything like was said - it can most likely stay as is. If you did something differently, then you will probably want to know that this is the place to put information about real path to ara-git/src directory.

Note that you probably don't want strangers to look into your RADIUS database, so protect it from being publicly accessible using HTTP authentication mechanisms.

Configure ARA

Now is the time to prepare ARA configuration files.

# cd /var/ara-git/src/config
# cp config.php.dist config.php

Edit config.php. It's quite self explanatory, but some sections are a material for longer manual then this guide. For now just edit GENERAL and SQL sections. If you still have personal user information from previous Dialup Admin installation in your database, change $config["sql_user_extension"] to TRUE.

You may want to set $config['use_auth'] to FALSE and setup your web server to require authentication before serving any documents from Ara web directory.

Look at AUTHORIZATION section. There is $config["access_level"] option there. You will probably want to change it to ARA_ACCESS_ALL so default user will have full rights to do anything he wants. It's quite typical for small setups.

Adjust config.php file permissions. Be restrictive - there is a valuable MySQL password there.

Try it

Point your browser to http://mysite.lan/ara. If something is wrong - read error message and try to fix it. If you don't know what to do - check troubleshooting section and if there is no answer for your problem there - drop me an email. With your help I'll be able to adjust this guide to fix possible misunderstandings and to create a simple FAQ in the future.

Tip: In case of some strange errors, php error log may be hidden behind top bar. Use "show page source" feature of your browser to discover what was it.


I'll be thankful for any information about working ARA setups.

When your ARA is working, you will probably want to read more about it to use it efficiently and to enable some features that you may not have discovered yet. Proceed to ARA User Guide.

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