ARA is an [source:trunk/COPYING OpenSource] web application written in PHP5. It resides on a web server and connects to the database of FreeRADIUS to allow easy and efficient manipulation of users, groups, network access servers and more. Currently only MySQL backend is finished, but adding other should be easy. As a PHP application, ARA uses the Sigma templating engine, and it's code tries to be friendly and "developer inviting".

ARA consists of modules, each creating interface to some functionality. Modules are gathered in logical groups for convience. You may see [source:trunk/src/modules/ currently available modules] here. Almost every module uses ARA's libs to communicate with the database.

Modules respect security and authorization, so access to valuable data can be easily restricted.


See (incomplete) features list.


Take a look at ARA installation guide.


We always apreciate feedback from users. We're seeking for opinions, notes, patches (:>) and developers. Don't be afraid to contact us. Check feedback page if your are interested.

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