Welcome to ARA - a FreeRADIUS web interface

ARA (ASN RADIUS admin) is a simple but powerful web interface for managing the great FreeRADIUS server. It allows you to:

  • manage users, groups and Network Access Servers,
  • view online users,
  • view reports on bandwidth usage for each user and NAS,
  • monitor unsuccessful network logins,
  • quickly lookup your users,
  • and much more!

ARA is a PHP web application operating on the storage backend of FreeRADIUS (currently only MySQL is supported).



ARA 0.6

This is mostly fix release, for nice and stable installation from tarball.

ARA 0.5

This release comes with much visual polishing and end-user experience improvements. Easy system to integrate radius users private information with ARA has been added. There is some re-factoring under the hood in progress, but it has not been finished yet. This should not prevent you from enjoying new ARA.

ARA 0.4

After a year of silence I'm glad to announce new release. While our team (including me) were busy working on Lintrack project, ARA was serving us day by day, proving it is customizable and easy to integrate with other software. Not many things have changed, but there are some usability improvements.

Although, I'll be constantly developing ARA on my own I'm looking for people who could help me to improve it and share their ideas. If you like ARA, look at the source, add what you need and give me some info about what you need and how you did it.

Grab it here: download section. Cheers!

ARA 0.3

This is first public release. Go and see download section.

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